Manage Complex Projects from your Zone of

Datatooth tools allow you to continue working in your zone of familiarity without the usual risks. With access control, automatic change management, and real time information updates at cell level, there are no time consuming manual data extraction and reporting procedures. Audit trails motivate higher accountability from functional participants as well as external business partners.

Clear advantages of Datatooth Project Complexity Solution include:

DataTooth tools lay your project complexity factors threadbare before stakeholders for proactive management and a high level of control over project dynamics. Now see through the weeds and take action to generate core deliverables on time.

  • Bring Visibility into your Project Planning Process
  • Capture all complexity contributors
  • Final reports can be quickly structured for dissemination on a “need to know” basis
  • Reliably assign “Complexity Value” to a given project
  • Ability to dedicate resources to most complex projects & critical paths
  • Clearly correlate project complexity with project profitability
  • Focus on core project deliverables and not digress into data accuracy checks
  • Effortlessly integrate to other enterprise software systems
  • Foster real time collaboration between multiple project entities
  • Automate updates, audit trails & capture of all project communications for real time project management

Manage Project Complexity easily with a familiar
spreadsheet interface using Datatooth

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